Actress Peggy Ovire speaks on her engagement to Frederick Leonard (Video)

Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire has finally spoken out on her engagement to her male colleague, Frederick Leonard.

Frederick Leonard and Peggy broke the internet on Friday, when they confirmed their romance.

Taking to Instagram, Peggy shared a video of her boo gifting her a luxury bag.

Gushing over him, she stated that he was first her bestfriend.

Peggy recounted how Frederick had assured her that he would make her happy and give her the finest thing in life.


She noted how he has always come through for her and how he gave her the biggest shocker of her life on her birthday.

Admitting that it hasn’t been a rosy road for them, she appreciated him for loving her despite her stubbornness.

Praying for him, she wrote,

“You were first my best friend, you always said ‘Peggy I’ll make you a happy woman’ keep praying for me. I’ll give you the finest things in life. I’ll love you right. Everyday you come through & yesterday you have me a shocker again lol. I have watched you grow, blossom & keep to those promises. It’s not been a rosy road. This man right here! For the first time I don’t know what to say to you. But thank you for loving this stubborn girl hopelessly. May God’s favour never depart from your life. May God make his light to shine on you. May good health, prosperity, long life be yours IJN Amen. My husband, the crown on my head. Cheers to forever”.

Watch video here


Watch video here

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