#BBNAIJA: “I apologize for making it seem like there’s nothing between us” Kidd

Kidd who is the son of a billionaire has proven to be more than what viewers taught he is. The way he takes care of Erica is on a whole different level, i mean who would ever believe these two will grow to be the strongest bond ever.

With every of their actions we can tell that they have fallen so deeply for each other but they constantly deny their feelings, for reasons i do not know.

Recall, that Erica had a fight with Wathoni, which she Erica got angry with Kidd for not defending her as she had expected of him. Erica cried that night, kidd had to calm her down and make her stop crying, Kidd on the other hand explained to Erica that he wasn’t aware it was actually a shade from Wathoni and that if he had known he would have defended her. Both couple ended up settling their differences that day.

Meanwhile, after Saturday night party Erica and Kidd made out, it was obvious what they were both doing under the duvet, but nobody can really tell if they had like real sexual intercourse or just romance. Regardless of what they did, they are both adults.

However, on Sunday morning Erica and Kidd were spotted on the couch having a conversation. Kidd was apologizing to Erica and assure her that he will always check how she will feel about some certain things before he do them, he said he will care about her emotions and do everything to keep their relationship on a stable ground.

See their full conversation

Kidd: i know the last one i messed up, buh it wasn’t intentional, i apologize for everything and for making you cry, i apologize for making it seem like there is nothing Between us for making it seem like it’s nothing, from now on i just have to think more of your feelings before dealing with anything, think how will she feel about this, if i start thinking how will she feel about this, maybe i will be able to make more better decisions

Erica: exactly, cause everytime you do, the things you do and i feel disrespectful i feel really hurt, because it’s coming from you and i care alot about you, it makes me feel like

Kidd: i don’t care?

Erica: yes

Kidd: i really do care about you, yeah, a whole lot

Hmm, these two are growing stronger every single day, just after social media called her all sort of names like a cheap girl, berating her for having sexual intercourse with him, this type of statement is coming from the guy himself. Just wow, seems like their love grew stronger after they made out.

I personally think these two will bond so well outside BBN house.

What are your thoughts on this?

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