#BBNAIJA Laycon is very smart”- Look at what he did after Erica insulted him for being skinny and ugly

Erica really lost her cool this night after the Saturday party. Many people thought she was intoxicated but she never drank much alcohol at the party to make her behave so unruly like that. According to her, she says she is not drunk she but, just reacting based on the accumulated beefs she has with Laycon. She started the whole drama by approaching Laycon to ask him to proof how she had tried to kiss him countless times. Recall that Ebuka asked Laycon in the previous eviction reality show about his conversations with other housemates about Erica trying to kiss him. Erica has been affected by the accusation since then but she believes Laycon has been avoiding her to talk about it. So, the alcohol that she drank at the party brought out the accumulated anger that she has.

She started by saying that she can never be attracted to a guy like Laycon because he is very ugly and as thin as a drum stick. She went as far as saying that she will try everything that she can do to make sure that Laycon dies after the house. She says that Laycon is manipulating her to get votes from the viewers. She says she is very sure he will be evicted tomorrow because the viewers won’t vote for him because of her. She says it is either Laycon leaves tomorrow or she gets disqualified because the house is too small to accommodate the two of them.

Laycon proves that he is smart by not responding to any of the things Erica says to him. Even though she called him ugly and the likes, he never responded to anything instead he was eating his food with his friends. When he was asked, he said he did that to protect her from being disqualified. He says he knows quite alright that she could get physical with him if she responds. And, he still wants her to be in the house. That shows how smart Laycon his and many people are praising him for that.

On the other hand, all the efforts made by Kiddwaya and Tricky tee to make Erica calm down was to no avail. She even gets angry at Kiddwaya at a point when Kiddwaya says that he likes Laycon being tiny as a Drum Stick. She says that Kiddwaya is not 100% loyal to her that he is trying to play both sides. In the same vein, she accused Prince of totally taking sides with Laycon and she says that her biggest regret is making him her DHOH instead of Tricky tee. She said Prince can never sleep in the HOH Lounge with her. She pours water on the side of Prince bed so that he won’t sleep. She reported her action to Big Brother and she says that Biggie sounded as if she was in trouble.

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