#BBNIAIJA #Laycon : I Invited you to my bed but you Declined

Quite early in the morning while Dorathy ate, Laycon sat close to Dorathy while they both exchanged words. Laycon and Dorathy seems to be forcing a close friendship lately.

We could all recall that Laycon and Dorathy both slept on the same bed once, while Dorathy was busy stroking Laycon’s hair as he slept. Some viewers believe Dorathy was trying to win Laycon over at that point.

Laycon, Dorathy and TrikyTee seems to be the only 3 housemates who don’t have very close partners like the rest of the housemates.

Earlier today while Dorathy ate, Laycon and her got talking. They both got to a slight point of disagreement, then Laycon voiced out saying, “I invited you to my bed, you were the one that declined”. Then he declared that he was mad at Dorathy in a playful manner.

Earlier before today, when both Dorathy and Laycon slept together on the same bed, they both talked about how almost everyone seems to be in a relationship except them and TrikyTee. So we all are guessing that they might be trying to force a relationship right there.

While they conversed today, Dorathy seems a bit turned off by Laycon, especially when he asked her if she could make Eba for him. Dorathy made it clear that she doesn’t know how to make Eba and won’t be willing. After some mild conversation while she ate she then yelled lightly, “ Big Brother send someone to care for Laycon, I am not in that position”.

Lastly, Dorathy might just be playing hard to get with Laycon or she might just be turned off too.

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