Man calls off his wedding after discovering that his bride-to-be is a former hook-up girl

A Nigerian man has reportedly called off his wedding after discovering that his bride-to-be is a retired sex worker.

Apparently, the lady had hidden her unpleasant past from her fiance who later discovered it just a few weeks before her big day.

Man calls off his wedding after discovering that his bride to be is a former hook up girl

As narrated by a friend of the lady in a viral video, it was a man’s cousin who has patronised the bride-to-be’s sex business before who told him about the past of his fiancee.

After the husband got to know that the lady he wants to marry is a retired hook-up girl, he immediately called off the wedding and additionally broke up with her.

I think the guy was right to call off the wedding because if the bride-to-be couldn’t disclose that she was formerly a prostitute, who knows what other big secrets she might be hiding? Her past doesn’t define her, but honesty is very important in a relationship. Hopefully, she learns from this.

Watch the video below to know more…

Check out some of the popular comments gathered under the trending video;

@Lacevine – once a hookup girl, forever a hookup girl. I forgave the past of an ex. Infact my brother and mom warned me but I didn’t listen. After 1 year she left me for a yahoo boy. Before then I found out she was sexting men and forgave. I have stories to tell. The past of a woman is vital

Man who couldn’t pay hook up girls reduced to cleaner

@Dmindaffairs – My problem with former hookup babes be this: No Preeq size go do; no sex style go satisfy them; nothing fit impress them for bed because she don see everything finish. Abeg make their hookup male marry them

@MDKnow – The Audacity of some of these girls. You do olosho finish, want to marry an innocent man. Na lie, You must remain single. You can’t eat your cake and have it. What then will be the consequences of your past actions? Marriage is for girls that behaved themselves.

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