Man dumps his girlfriend in labour room after discovering he’s not the biological father of the child

A young man was left heartbroken and devastated after discovering that his girlfriend was impregnated by another man and planned to pin it on him.

The man, who took to a social platform to share his story, said he and his girlfriend had been struggling to conceive for a while and all of a sudden, she fell pregnant easily.

However, when she was six months pregnant, a man claiming to be his girlfriend’s lover, paid him a visit at work and told him that he had been having an affair with his girlfriend for a year and the pregnancy is his.

He said they wanted to pin the pregnancy on him because the lady didn’t want to lose her ‘perfect life’ and he also wasn’t ready to become a father.

Following the startling revelation, the heartbroken man said he pretended not to be aware of the malicious act and stayed with his girlfriend till she welcomed the child, then he dumped her in the labour room. According to him, he was planning to propose to her after delivering the baby.

Read his full post below,

“My girlfriend just gave birth to our first child. I know I’m not the biological father and I revealed I knew as soon as she gave birth.

I’ll try to keep this short because l’m planning to go to a bar soon.
I found out when she was about 6 months along.
The guy (Bryan) approached me at my work. “Are you Sarah’s boyfriend?” I said yeah and ask what he wanted. He said he was sorry that he had slept with her and swore he didn’t know that she was with someone (I don’t believe that).

He then pulled out his phone to show the texts between them. They had been sleeping together or
“linking up” for at least a year. Then she found out she was pregnant and they came to an agreement to just pretend the baby was mine. In return, she wouldn’t lose her perfect life and he wouldn’t be responsible for a baby.

I knew it was weird. We had been having problems trying for a baby and all of a sudden she got pregnant so easily. But he explained that he had been thinking about it and he recently became a Christian. He said that he couldn’t live his life knowing that I was living a lie while his child didn’t know their real father.

So yeah. I told him I’d keep in touch, and to Y say that he said anvthina just vet. I’ve had a lot of time So yeah. I told him I’d keep in touch, and to not say that he said anything just yet. I’ve had a lot of time to think but ultimately I decided to wait until she gave birth. To hurt her in her most vulnerable moment.

I’ll spare the details, but she went into labor, baby was born, and was taken to the NICU to be monitored for a bit. What should’ve been a beautiful moment of me holding my baby, was the most heartbreaking time of my life. Just knowing he was not mine hurt me. Once she was sewn up and comfortable I started packing up my stuff to leave.

She asked where I was going and I just told her.
“I know I’m not baby’s name’s father. You can act all shocked but I know. Just ask Bryan to come, I’m positive he’ll sign the birth certificate” Then I left.

She’s been calling my phone over and over (even sending texts as I type this) and has even gotten her sister to call me a few times.

It was hard pretending these last few months but I think I’m satisfied. I feel really really heartbroken though. I was planning to propose to her on the day our baby was born. I was gonna make her the happiest woman ever. Oh well. Im going to go get shitfaced now.”

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