McBrown sends a message to Tiktoker Linda Osei through her daughter Felicia Osei for mocking her ‘fake’ backside, Video

Nana Ama McBrown has sent a message to famous TikToker Linda Osei through her daughter Felicia Osei after they both met at a recent programme.

Apparently, Linda, on one of her numerous contents shared on TikTok poked fun at the humongous backside of the United Showbiz host which according to netizens she augmented recnetly to ward off stiff competition from her husband’s side chics.

When Mcbrown and Linda’s daughter Felicia met during a mentorship program where McBrown inspired young and old talents to focus on their craft, she interacted with her and sent her a word to be delivered to her mom.

She jokingly asked her to caution her mother to stop teasing her in her videos. Felicia noting the joviality surrounding Mcbrown’s request decided to send the message right away but the actress asked her to stop.

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