Sammy Dublin Middle finger ft euni Melo & Daybreak lyrics

Sammy Dublin: Intro

Eeh GI let’s get it, melo pon dis one shiiiiiiiii sammydublin nbys teon on the beat are you for real get it


Badman tell me what you gonna do ama one man army so fuck your whole crew ooo crew
Middle finger to your whole crew if you ain’t talking money don’t call me yea yea ×2

Don’t look me twice cuz am a criminal
When I come through like john cena
They can’t see me nah
Can’t see me nah
You can call me a criminal if you ain’t talking money don’t call me yea yea

Yeee ! Melo Pon dis one

verse 1
Krikrikri mi phone ring ring ring
If u ain’t talking money Mon Ami kunkunkun
Agbene body er eba ootswa mi
Agbene shika eba oo?a mi
You called me liar now the gyal dey pon fire
Go away from me Satan
You join me count the paper ah
Yuh jus a f bwoy
Don’t call me lailai
You see me count me dollar now yuh want join manya

Verse 2
Money money money talk about the money
You talking talking talking you acting funny
You see me going
Five fingers up 1/4 to you miseh roarr
You stand by me but. Me cyant see you
Mr badman stop acting like a clown
Shuuush before I give you some crown

Sammy Dublin: verse 3

Manny Mane, u get a true passion.
Seekoff u dey play major roll for my coronation.
If no be money I beg u for take ur action.
I go dey hia mannez to send money to my junction, this no be free captions.
Sibidɛ wo kata me sɔ o you for look my middle finger.
I’m the ewe version of rap call me kpakha nigga.
Money we dey pray make i ride on lamborghini, to capture all the bini.

Kpakha Nigga One Time.

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