“That Tongue Can Do Wonders” – Reactions As Nigerian Lady Shows Off Length Of Her Tongue (Video)

A Nigerian lady has shared a video showing off how long her tongue is. The video has gone viral and has gotten netizens asking so many questions.

In the video, she used her tongue to touch her nostrils first before stretching it out to reveal its full length.

Written on the video was a comment that asked “does it hinder your speech?” Other Netizens had so many things to ask and say about this tongue with special features.

Tomii_wa: “why did she put her tongue in her nostrils first though.”

Fineee_gemini: “omo I don’t know why I feel it’s scary.”

Staga34: “not me trying if my own tongue will touch my nose.”

Odi_okoli: “not me pushing my tongue out”

See video here:

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