Aby Coulibaly Biography

Singer Aby Coulibaly was born in the capital city of Ireland where she still resides to this day. Her love of music comes from her parents who always played 90s r&b music. If it was her mother playing, she would put on songs of Lauryn Hill, Boyz II Men, and Baby Face.

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Her father would mostly listen to Reggae and Senegalese music.

Coulibaly has been singing for a long time, but she only started writing her own music around 2018 when she released her first SoundCloud song “on my own”. She wrote it in a few hours over a YouTube beat. 

She began recording with her friends in the summer of 2019 and eventually founded their own independent record label, ‘Chamomile Records.’

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The founders of the label were Aby, Monjola, and their producer Moyo. Whenever they are in the studio, she always has some chamomile tea on hand. This became the inspiration for their record label. 

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Her debut single, ‘Taurus,’ was released on July 24th, 2020, and has amassed quite a following.

Aby Coulibaly, SELLO, Hare Squead and more announced for Ireland first-ever black-Irish music festival.https://t.co/Kmw4fDtemz

— District (@districtmag) February 2, 2022

What Is Aby Coulibaly Age? Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Aby Coulibaly was born in the year 1999, the year Nelson Mandela stepped down as president, and is 22 years of age. She is currently single and has released a multitude of singles after the release of her debut single ‘Taurus’ in 2020. 

She does not have a boyfriend. However, she wrote Taurus after breaking up with a guy she was seeing at the time. When he could not get his priority straight and had no clue what he wanted, she ended things. 

For her, Taurus is all about getting over someone you’ve been head over heels for. Surprisingly, she was able to move on quickly from the breakup after she decided she deserved better. 

Since her debut, she has released multiple tracks including Maybe and Long Nights.

Is Aby Coulibaly On Instagram?

You can find Aby Coulibaly gracing the world with her vocals and her music on her Instagram handle @abycoulibaly. Currently, she has over 8.8K followers.

Her independent record label, ‘Chamomile Records’ is also on Instagram under the username @chamomilerecords. It has only been able to amass 874 followers.



Maybe · 2020

On My Ones

On My Ones · 2022

Long Nights

Long Nights · 2021


Taurus · 2020

Where u at

Where u at · 2021

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea · 2021

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