BigElli Biography

A nobody artist with many monikers one of which is currently in a song, The light has released his first single of the year “The I in Elli” after releasing “Droolin'” and “Therapy” in 2022. He is described as a swift and versatile rapper that can flow on any beat. BigElli started releasing songs onto the net since 2018, where he first released “Therapy” under the artist name Elli to SoundCloud before releasing to mainstream, in 2021 he rebranded his presence on the net, deleting his music and social media, rebranding to BigElli he released his first single “Droolin’ in 2022.

BigElli a new act coming from a place with no known ties to the music industry is determined to have his light seen by all, he currently is said to be influenced by Lil Durk and Fivio Foreign, the latter making BigElli to proclaim himself as the drill god of the Nigerian music industry. He is known by many aliases, Said to have been influenced by Nicki Minaj, he is a creative talent with powerful flows and deliverance, his uncanny ability to adapt on any song always keep his fans in awe.

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