Central Cee and Ice Spice have a strong bond and appreciation for one another, and they’re open about expressing it.

In a new cover story published by Complex on Monday (October 16), both artists talked about each other with the utmost respect. Given their proximity to one another in terms of when and how fast they both came up, this isn’t exactly a surprise.

“She reminds me of me a bit… she’s cool innit,” the British rapper said about his peer. “Humble, down to earth, don’t really care too much about the shiny stuff; but knows how to play the game.”

He added: “You can hear that in the music, and see that in the moves that she makes, and I appreciate that because some people don’t really know what they’re doing, and they take it for granted or they don’t take the opportunity and run with it — but she’s really running with it right now.”

The London rapper even admitted that she’s the only person in his line of work he’s interested in collaborating with. “I wish there were more artists coming up that we could collaborate with but it seems like it’s just me and her right now,” he said.

The Bronx MC also had words of praise for the 25-year-old. “We’ve become good friends over the past year ever since he hopped on ‘Munch [Remix]’” she said about the yet-to-be released joint. “But we’re gonna drop something new and exciting when we’re ready.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ice Spice opened up about her songwriting process, admitting that while her music does contain bars, she purposely keeps her raps “super simple.”

It’s funny because Hype [Williams] was just trying to call me a lyricist,” she said, referring to the legendary music video director who photographed her cover story. “I wouldn’t consider myself a lyricist. Obviously, lyrics go into music and I do think about them and I do be having bars in my music but they’re just super simple.

“I want them to be digestible, I don’t want them to fly over people’s heads and they never catch it. I want people to hear it right away and be like, ‘OK, that was cute.’ But it’s also fun at the same time.”

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