Central Cee pays homage to streetwear culture in new song ‘Entrapreneur’

Central Cee has paid homage to streetwear culture in his new song and only release of 2023, ‘Entrapreneur’.

The single takes a look at the rapper’s journey to the top as well as the hectic schedule he has had for the past two years. The song features a nod to Cench’s and Dave‘s huge hit ‘Sprinter‘ with the lyric “Toyota Yaris to Urus”, illustrating how far he has com
‘Entrapreneur’ has a strong theme of fashion and streetwear culture, with Central Cee speaking on clothing lines and selling tees. The single also features an intro from none other than global fashion brand entrepreneur, Mikey Trapstar: “The trap’s still running. It’s never turning off. Different product, same hustle mentality.”

The accompanying music video was filmed in London and Rovaniemi and sees Cench and friends showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit. They are seen dancing along to the track in a clothing store warehouse while on top of a luxury car and the rapper is also shown spitting his bars while at a petrol station while sporting a Bellingham football shirt.

To celebrate the release of the song during the Christmas holiday season, Cench will release new merch as part of his SYNA clothing line including the black and teal puffer jacket seen in the video. Other accompanying exclusive merchandise will feature the lyrics “the traps still running on xmas day,” which pays homage to Cench’s 2022 single ‘Doja.’

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