Fan Agreed to M.I Tweet of Being Truly Confused, By Telling Him “Laycon is in the Game”

When it comes to twitter there is nothing artist don’t come in contact with, as some fans in a bid to relate to some artist can really give them that jab below the belt.

So Mr. Incredible (M.I) took to his Twitter’s handle to share a thought that, “I am truly and deeply confused” with no one knowing what is bothering him, or the reason for his confusion, but an overzealous fan decided to create more confusion for him by stating that, “you gotta be cause Laycon is in the game now, yiu know wuh i mean”

From the look of things, it is an attempt at a joke by the fan who might just be trying to get the attention of the “J. Town” Lyricist, given that everyone knows M.I is one of the best rapper in Africa, and the last person he will be getting confused about is Laycon, who was only known for his role in the big brother naija show

Hence, he can’t be making M.I confused, he has to earn his place as a rapper, as even though that what he does, he is yet to be famous for his rap skill, so Laycon don’t let anybody push you, remember you have to earn your place amongst rappers in the game, and M.I is not your sparring mate, so don’t get pushed into a fight you are not ready for.

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