I convinced my boyfriend to buy car for his main chic, all of us are not evil – Side chic says proudly

A young woman from Nigeria has used social media to propagate a new message that puts side chic in a good light and probably seeks to change the wrong impression people have about them.
She claimed to have been successful in persuading the man who is secretly dating her as his side chic to get his main chic a car.

Apparently, the main chic has been bombarding her man to buy a car for her, and it was only after she (side chic) gave him advice that he finally purchased it, according to the young woman who goes by the Twitter handle @d xciii.

She noted that contrary to popular belief, not all side chics are bad because some of them genuinely desire the success of the couple in question.

Identified as Marshmallow on Twitter, the lady posted; ”Finally convinced this man to buy the car his babe has been asking for, and he got it. See, not all sidechicks are evil. Some of us still want your relationship to prosper 🤷🏾‍♀️”

When asked if she won’t also request for her own car, she said that she has a boyfriend who will get it for her.

She said; ”Lmao maybe my own boyfriend will buy. I hope his side is nice like me 🥲”

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