I no wan look young – Mr Ibu tells barber who tried to give him a stylish hairstyle (Video)

Mr Ibu swiftly cautioned a barber who used his expertise to give him a youthful persona by telling him that he never wants to look younger.
In a video first uploaded on TikTok, the legendary comic actor whose real name is John Okafor told the barber not to make him young with the type of haircut he was trying to give him because he likes bearing his old looks.

Apparently, he went to the salon with his daughter who captured the rare moment on camera.

Per the content of the video, when the barber finished with the haircut he passed a compliment saying the actor looked much younger than his age.

Mr Ibu did not acknowledge the compliment but rather said although he’s content with being fresher, he is not enthused about being tagged young.

Watch the video below;


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