Tell Me What You See When You Look At Me” Social Media Influencer Chika Ikechukwu Says

One of Nigeria’s social media influencers, Chika Ikechukwu, has set up what should be called a debate among her followers on Instagram after she asked them to tell her what they see in her whenever they have a look at her, and as usual, her fans replied to her with suitable responses. Just like other celebrities, she has decided to ask a strange question, knowing fully that it is going to generate mixed reactions, which it eventually does.

She is someone who likes to show off her good looks on social media, especially on Instagram, and she just did the same once again, but decided to add something new by asking her followers to share their opinions of her. In a bid to impress her fans, she rocked a pink outfit with a matching color on her face and a black jean trouser.#

She used her caption to set up an unusual debate among her followers, as she asked them to tell her what they saw when they looked at her. She said, “Tell me what you see when you look at me.” This statement attracted many reactions as expected.

Chika Ikechukwu is one of Nigeria’s social media influencers, and she has been doing well to gain more followers on Instagram with several stunning pictures of herself to attract the attention of the general public

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