Video of Shugatiti’s restaurant having weird glasses and serving bowls shakes the internet

Shugatiti has reinforced her bad girl persona by adding sensual elements to her newly opened restaurant located at Osu.
The model and photo n.udist decided to become an entrepreneur by venting into the catering business.

She named her plush restaurant Pot of Shuga, a name she coined from her moniker Shugatiti. however, the bowls and glasses have been shaped to mimic male and female genitalia.

The spout of the pots used to serve soup that goes with fufu for instance have been shaped like manhood. While glasses have buttocks and b00bs.

She mentioned in her interview with Zionfelix that the choice of shape was informed by her quest to be different.

“I wanted to do something unique. Many restaurants have normal pots so I was like ‘lemme do something different.

We serve people with soup from this. You can open, take your meat and pour the soup through the tip. We have varieties; there’s the normal pot so kids can use that,” she said confidently.

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