How To Upload a Song On Boomplay 2021

A lot of upcoming artists have been finding it so difficult to upload their albums or singles on boomplay music. Boomplay as one of the most used music apps in Africa will help artists a lot in promoting their tracks and reaching many people all over Africa.

However, boomplay unlike audiomack and the likes has a very unique process of uploading tracks which will be Explained in this post. also check the end of the post for more ways to promote your music on boomplay

How to upload your music on Boomplay Music

1. The first step to to download the “Boomplay Music” from your Google playstore or Apple store. If you had it before, make sure you update it to the latest version.

2. Now open the app and navigate to the menu panel and the click on the “I am an artist” option as shown below then you will be redirected to another page

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How To Upload a Song On Boomplay

How To Upload a Song On Boomplay

3. On the next page, you click on the “Claim Now” button as shown below. You will redirected to another page immediately. On this page you will be asked to fill some details, fill only the artist name section. After filling the artist name section, you will see a little red caution stating “upload your music to boomplay First” then you click on it as shown in the picture below. If you type in your username and you don’t get this caution stated earlier, then you have to change the artist name to another unique name.

How To Upload a Song On Boomplay


4. After step three, you will be redirected to Boomdistro’s website to sign up. All you have to do here is sign up and check your email for a confirmation message, click on the link contained in the message then you will be redirected to the boomdistro login page. If you aren’t redirected automatically, just click here to login then you input your login details as shown in the images below.


5. Now you have successfully created your artist account on boomplay (boomdistro) all you have to do now is click on the “create a release” button then provide necessary details such as the music cover image, artist social media page e.t.c. After successfully submitting your music, wait for an approval messages through Email ( this takes 5-6 working days). Boom your music is live on boomplay.

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