Singer:-Davido Exposed Why His Father Chased Him With Police Read Below:-

Famous Nigerian singer, Davido has revealed how he had a serious clash with his father, Adedeji Adeleke over his choice of music over school.

According to the singer, his father went to the extent of trying to stop him from attending his shows and calling the police on him to get him to go back to school.

Davido made this revelation in his interview with US podcast, Purple music.

“I wasn’t in school. I was facing music full time and over the years, he found out that I wasn’t in school and there was a whole lot of drama. I left school. I went back to the city and then my dad was chasing me with the police.

Yes, they (the police) were coming after me to go back to school. Any show he (my dad) saw me on, on a flier or whatever, he was shutting the show down”, Davido said.

He however added that he had since settled with his father and he now had a


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