Why I’m not interested in dating Asake – Tems reveals

Popular Nigerian songstress, Tems, has finally revealed why she is not interested in dating singer Asake.

Recall that Tems, during an interview at the Time 100 Gala in New York, said her current favorite artists are Tyla and Asake.

But speaking in her latest interview with The Beat 99.9 FM, Tems stressed that she is not interested in dating Asake because her love for him is not romantic.

Interviewer: “Is directing something you are looking to do not just for yourself but for other artistes as well? And if so, who do you think you would like to work with?”

Tems: “I would want to direct a video for Asake because he’s very artsy and he thinks outside the box.”

Interviewer: “You just like him for work?”

Tems: “Just to direct the videos. As in, what do you mean?”

Interviewer: “Because he’s mine.”

Tems: “Oh no. Please have him all to yourself. He’s all yours. I’m not romantically in love with him. I have my own so I know, I’m okay. But I think Asake is a really cool guy.”

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